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We Consign and Sell Original Paintings by Artist Robert Daughters



Robert Daughters artist santa fe paintings

Meyer Gallery has had the distinct pleasure of representing Robert Daughters, throughout the final two decades of his life and will continue to do so into the future.


It was about twenty years ago that Robert Daughters, who in the course of his career, evolved into one of the most recognized and highly collected painters of the desert southwest, and joined the ranks of some of the most celebrated representational artists of his day at Meyer Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico.


Merging our professional status, as the Gallery that promoted and directed his career, with the deep and trusted friendship that developed over the years, Meyer Gallery has played an integral role in the course of the artist’s career. In kind, Robert Daughters helped to elevate the Gallery into one of the finest in the United States, becoming a premier destination for discerning collectors worldwide.


Today, while we mourn the loss of our dear friend and colleague, who passed away on October 24, 2013, we have the privilege of celebrating the life of the Artist by carrying on his legacy.


Meyer Gallery is continuing to represent Robert Daughters by acknowledging our position as the only Gallery with more than thirty years of experience curating the artist’s work as well as the only one that has enjoyed a worldwide exclusive. We are setting the standard for the future of collecting and consigning Robert Daughters’ paintings.


We have established this website dedicated solely to the extraordinary work of this beloved artist. We would like our Collectors to know that Meyer Gallery is welcoming the consignment of paintings by Robert Daughters. And that the pieces consigned with Meyer Gallery will garner the very highest value.


We will also offer the single largest collection of Daughters’ paintings in the Country, if not the world.


Please feel free to call to speak with anyone on our staff for more information about availability and pricing, as well as terms. We can be reached either by phone at 1-800-779-7387 or by email at

Robert Daughters artist santa fe paintings

Collectors seeking to purchase an original painting by Robert Daughters, please browse for available works.


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